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Cleanest roofing jobs I have seen in a long time

On behalf of the condominium association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dura-Loc for the exceptional job they did in replacing our roofing. There were a total of 11 buildings involved in the project. Not only were we able to keep costs well within our reserve budget, Dura-Loc completed the work in the timeline allotted and it was one of the cleanest roofing jobs I have seen in a long time. It was most helpful to have great communication with the Dura-Loc project manager. I highly recommend Dura-Loc as a roofing company.

Ms. B.S.

Your workers are professional, fast and efficient

I got my new roof installed last week.  Your workers are professional, fast and efficient; everything was finished in three days to my complete satisfaction. Even the county inspector was impressed and declared that he would like to have a similar roof on his house.

Thank you for a job well done.

Mr. B.T.

You surpassed my expectations

Dear Dave,

There is so much I want to say in praising your company.  I will start by saying I am probably the most discriminate of buyers due to the fact I have owned my own roofing company for over thirty years.  Unfortunately my business is located 1,500 miles away and we are not familiar with tile roof application.  Consequently, I was reluctantly forced to look for a local roofing company to remove and re-roof my entire home. I will admit I did speak to two other roofing contractors, one of which did a repair for me a year earlier. But quite honestly when I met you I immediately felt extremely comfortable and confident you were the man for the job. First and more importantly you struck me as very sincere and honest.  You are knowledgeable with regard to your product and application. You were very patient and helpful with style and color choices, giving us other homes to look at with one job still in progress. I made clear to you that I knew what I wanted and expected in a contractor and what I would accept as a finished job. Including cleanup, well, you surpassed my expectations, we could not be happier with the entire job. When we arrived and saw the roof for the first time the word I said to you was “stunning” and I meant it. Considering the size of the job, the cleanup was impeccable. Please do not hesitate to use me as a referral. In fact I encourage you to give my name and number to anyone considering you for a new roof. Thanks again for a great job.

– Rick & Ann Barnes

I am very satisfied with Dura-Loc and the job they did

I contracted with Dura-Loc to find a new way to make my newer tile roof more wind resistant. Dura-Loc presented the Tile-Loc roof system which entails securing the front of the tile with a special tile adhesive. This process secured the tiles together so that they are no longer loose and cannot be moved by hand. I was on my roof and pulled on the tiles and they are very solid. They also coated the roof with their roof coatings which enhanced the look of my home considerably. I am very satisfied with Dura-Loc and the job they did.

– Charles Biro